TweetMyJobs on the Road in Atlanta

by Yair on May 21, 2012

Atlanta Billboard

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed continues to innovate


Driving around Atlanta and looking for a job or for some great candidates for the open position at your business? Mayor Kasim Reed and TweetMyJobs have your back.

The Mayor of Atlanta and his team are continuing their strong commitment to connect employers with job seekers in Atlanta by promoting The City of Atlanta Jobs Platform – a superb ongoing online initiative, with this offline canvassing of the city through billboards urging residents and employers to connect and help spur the Atlanta economy.

We’re proud to support Atlanta’s jobs initiative. If you see one of the billboards in Atlanta – honk, wave, or just smile. And drive safely!


Closing The Communication Gap

by Coleman on March 12, 2012

The highly anticipated February jobs report was released on Friday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and revealed the national unemployment rate held steady at 8.3%. The economy added 227,000 jobs in February and, according to some, is a positive indication of our country’s economic recovery. The BLS releases the unemployment numbers every month, but February’s figures are particularly interesting because of the political implications they have in an election year.

Social recruiting helps to close the communication gap between job seekers and employers.

Instead of addressing the politics of the numbers, let’s focus on the fact that our job market could potentially be recovering. After all, we’re in the business of connecting job seekers with employers and have been working tirelessly to build tools that put job seekers back to work.

Although the positive news is well received, there are still glaring discrepancies in our labor market – specifically, the 24 million Americans that are still unemployed or underemployed while 52% of US companies have trouble finding talent. This is a clear indication that the distribution model is broken, and it’s essential for companies  to continue to disrupt the status quo and close the communication gap between job seekers and employers.

The “Great Recession” impacted each industry differently, and some fared better than others. The reality is that all companies were forced to evolve and adapt in order to survive, and the same logic applies to how employers find talent. Employers must put their positions in front of as many relevant eyeballs as possible, and social media is the most logical place to start. Facebook has as many users as the entire Internet did in 2004 and Twitter is now growing at a faster pace than Facebook – the untapped talent pool in social media is undeniable.

The unemployment rate is just one indicator, and we’re also starting to see a shift from the “old” online recruiting model. Forward thinking mayors in Newark and Atlanta have already adopted new, social technology to help job seekers connect with employers, and the masses are beginning to follow suit.

Are you incorporating social media in your recruiting strategy? Sound off in the comments below.


City of Atlanta Launches Jobs Platform

by Coleman on January 19, 2012

The City of Atlanta has partnered with TweetMyJobs to launch the City of Atlanta Jobs Platform to connect employers with job seekers in the 9th largest metropolitan area in the country. Mayor Kasim Reed and his colleagues at the city are proving to be forward thinking pioneers that firmly believe in uniting the public and private sectors to help solve difficult and complex social problems. We’re excited to launch the initiative and welcome Atlanta to the TweetMyJobs family of partners.

The announcement was made today at Mayor Reed’s State of the City Address to thousands of attendees on-hand as well as numerous media outlets and supporters following online via social media. TweetMyJobs is prominently featured in Mayor Reed’s address, and he was enthusiastic in his presentation of at the 19 minute mark of his speech below.

Atlanta’s jobs platform offers job seekers the ability to receive relevant job matches instantly through email, social media, or mobile devices in addition to granting access to an extensive Facebook referral network to find connections to hiring companies. The service also offers a job assessment tool to help candidates discover personal strengths and interests before beginning their job search. Employers can utilize the power of the social recruiting platform at no cost and tap into a pool of qualified Atlanta candidates instantly.

City officials will now have access to robust analytics that provide government officials with hyper-local insights that can help steer key strategic decisions to foster future job growth and enhance relations among the government, employers and citizens.

Let’s see some other cities get initiatives like this.

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