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Businesses tend to exert a large amount of effort growing their Facebook communities. After all, Facebook is one of the best platforms to engage with customers, colleagues and individuals that are genuinely interested in what your business is up to. So wouldn’t you want your job openings in front of the people that are most passionate about your organization?

Screen Shot 2012 06 08 at 6.11.33 PM Bringing Your Career Site and Company Culture To Facebook

Let candidates know what it's like to work at your company

Luckily, having a professional careers page on Facebook is now a possibility for businesses of all sizes. With our new Facebook Careers App, you can now use your company’s Facebook page to post jobs, engage your fans and showcase why it’s a great place to work – all in front of the candidates that interact with your brand the most.

Clearly, one of the best ways to attract enthusiastic applicants to your company is to show what it’s like to work there. Companies like Hubspot, Rackspace, and GEICO are using the power of video to convey the authentic employee experience. Jennifer King, an HR Analyst at Software Advice, agrees: “The best recruiting videos authentically portray what a prospective employee’s life would be like at the company. Companies shouldn’t hesitate to show their true colors in a recruiting video.”

We couldn’t agree more. That’s why we give you the opportunity to post photos and videos giving prospective candidates a sneak peek into your company’s culture – all on Facebook.

Companies such as GEICO, Rue 21 and Sony have already jumped on board – join them by innovating and showcasing your company culture on Facebook!



 Grab a Coffee, Support our Veterans, Find Great Jobs

Free Wi-Fi has been a staple at Starbucks locations across the U.S. for a few years now, and the content is getting better and better each passing day – with breaking news, music, and exclusive content available – all for free, through the Starbucks Digital Network.

And now, the Starbucks Digital Network will feature TweetMyJobs for Veterans - to provide innovative tools to help our heroes find jobs. We’re partnering with Starbucks to help find jobs for transitioning veterans.

Starbucks customers connected to Wi-Fi can easily navigate to the Business & Careers channel and find the integrated jobs experience, as pictured above.

60 million customers visit Starbucks stores on a weekly basis, and we hope that this integration helps those who are returning from their service and looking for work.

Starbucks continues to innovate, for all the right reasons. So if you’re one of the 60 million who visit a store this week, check out TweetMyJobs for Veterans, and enjoy your latte.


TweetMyJobs on the Road in Atlanta

by Yair on May 21, 2012

 TweetMyJobs on the Road in Atlanta

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed continues to innovate


Driving around Atlanta and looking for a job or for some great candidates for the open position at your business? Mayor Kasim Reed and TweetMyJobs have your back.

The Mayor of Atlanta and his team are continuing their strong commitment to connect employers with job seekers in Atlanta by promoting The City of Atlanta Jobs Platform - a superb ongoing online initiative, with this offline canvassing of the city through billboards urging residents and employers to connect and help spur the Atlanta economy.

We’re proud to support Atlanta’s jobs initiative. If you see one of the billboards in Atlanta – honk, wave, or just smile. And drive safely!


It’s no accident that Ramapo is consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in the United States, and we now have another reason to praise the efforts of the town and its leaders. Today, Supervisor Christopher P. St. Lawrence and the Ramapo Town Board launched The Ramapo Jobs Connector  in order to boost local employment and enhance economic development.

ramapo screen Town of Ramapo Launches Innovative Job Matching Platform

A glimpse of The Ramapo Jobs Connector.

The Ramapo Jobs Connector is a free service, powered by TweetMyJobs, that allows job seekers to leverage social media to connect with employers in a fast, efficient way. A number of local companies have already partnered with the town by posting their jobs – including Crowne Plaza, Good Samaritan Hospital, Cablevision and many others.

According to Supervisor St. Lawrence, “By adopting new technology and leveraging social media to drive local employment solutions, ‘The Ramapo Jobs Connector’ presents a unique opportunity for local residents and local employers to connect, thereby fostering future job growth in the town and county.”

The town of Ramapo recognizes the impact that technology has on recruiting today, and launching this initiative confirms the town’s commitment to fighting unemployment.


Joshua Waldman, author of Job Searching with Social Media For Dummies, is recognized as one of the nations top authorities in Social Media Career Advancement. To learn Joshua’s secret strategies for shortening the job search and getting the right job right away, you can watch his exclusive video training.

By Joshua Waldman

Just this week, I received a letter from a blog reader who wanted to know if social media really was the way for her to find her next job, because she is of an “older” generation – her words not mine.

“What are your thoughts regarding Twitter as a tool to finding the next job? I’ve been hesitant to join and start tweeting (as I’m of an older generation and usually keep my private thoughts/feelings/opinions to myself) but I might just be limiting myself..? What do you think? Any and all suggestions, comments, best practices & critiques are welcome.”

Considering that this whole “generational excuse for not using social media” is coming up frequently, I thought I would address her question and help people new to Twitter overcome the resistance they might feel.

sketch icon bird 1490149 o1 Is Social Media The New Way to Find Hidden Jobs? [Guest Post]

Job seekers are turning to social media during the job search.

First of all, let’s put the whole age thing aside. I have Boomer clients who don’t tweet, and I have Millennial clients who tell me that Twitter is for old people. And between the two of those groups, over 100 million people actively use Twitter. The problem is that Twitter is a platform, and new users expect a solution. Using Twitter without a purpose is much like walking into a bookstore, grabbing a book at random, and then complaining that it didn’t help you with your investment strategy. This can get very frustrating very fast.

Having a purpose when using Twitter will help you avoid all of those people talking about what they had for breakfast or what song they are listening to right now. After all, you control who you follow. And if you are choosing to use Twitter to find a job, then the people you choose to follow will most likely be relevant to your industry and your target organizations.

According to a recent survey, over 8 million Americans found a job through a connection made via Twitter.

So to answer my reader’s question, yes, Twitter is a fundamental tool for the modern job seeker. Avoiding it for whatever reason (age, resistance), puts you at a significant disadvantage in the marketplace.

Here’s my challenge to you this week. Spend one week actively using Twitter. There are plenty of books, videos and articles on how to be active on Twitter. If after one week, you hate it, fine. But I’m willing to bet that you will have had a really good time. And who knows, maybe you will have met your next boss!

Editor’s note: To learn more about using Twitter and other social distribution and branding tools in your recruitment efforts, you can visit our enterprise solution page.


Raman Gulati is the Senior Director of Product Development at TweetMyJobs.

By Raman Gulati

At fMC, Facebook unveiled Timeline for Pages - a great new design for the 37 million brand and business pages that will be rolled out to everyone on Friday.

Untitled Introducing A Company Careers App For Your New Facebook Page

We're integrating a social career site the new Timeline Page.

When Mike Hoefflinger, (Facebook’s Director of Global Business Marketing) made clear that the “Page” should be considered “mission control” for a business on Facebook, we immediately realized that this provided huge opportunities for companies looking to hire. Facebook is trying to help businesses craft a more personal story to build connections with people – exactly what recruiters and talent managers do each and every day!

So what if TweetMyJobs could innovate and enable recruiters and talent managers to integrate a social career site and connect with talent from within their new Timeline Page?

We decided to set ourselves the challenge of building an app that could do this and have it live before Timeline for Pages was rolled out to everyone on March 30th.   Our engineers and designers worked round the clock and with one day to spare it’s great to announce the new app went live today and is ready for your business.  We focused on 5 core principles:

  1. Design – It’s super cool and feels like part of your Timeline.
  2. Social – Anyone can share jobs, recommend friends, and enable referrals to you from trusted sources thanks to the Who? Button.
  3. Search – It’s dead easy for seekers to find jobs through search or by looking on our Google Maps mashup.
  4. Custom – It comes with a suite of tools that allows you to promote your brand, add content, include videos and control functionality.
  5. Talent – Now you can build a community of people interested in working with you and send them targeted jobs where they want them, when they want them.

Here’s what it looks like – check it out live on TweetMyJobs’ Facebook Page.

JobBurst Screenshot1 Introducing A Company Careers App For Your New Facebook Page

A snapshot of our new career page on Facebook.


Jumping Into Social Recruiting With Both Feet

by Coleman on March 20, 2012

Social media is a topic that’s omnipresent at TweetMyJobs, and we’re constantly excited by the articles we read that illustrate how the social web is ingrained in our culture. Whether it’s humanitarian awareness evolving into the most viral video of all time, one speech generating over 750,000 tweets, or the meteoric rise of another social network, one thing is consistent: people love social media.

dive jump lido 1462211 o Jumping Into Social Recruiting With Both Feet

The best strategy is to jump right in.

We use social media to discover information quickly and efficiently, but it’s easy to forget that these prominent social networks only launched 10 years ago - or less.  With the size and reach of networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, it’s no surprise that these platforms are now being used by businesses to connect with talent, but disrupting an industry is not an overnight accomplishment.

Employers are more hesitant than job seekers to alter their recruiting strategies because these efforts take time and money to execute, and businesses are – and should be – careful about the talent they bring into their organization. However, being overly cautious can mistakenly lead to inaction and missed opportunities to find the best talent for your organization.

Social media has proven to be a viable platform to communicate for media, sports, politics and entertainment. It’s natural that businesses are (correctly) seeing these social media platforms as a viable way to recruit talent. Businesses understand that social media is important, and now they just need that initial encouragement to get started.

Our friends at Fistful of Talent offered great advice last week: when it comes to social media and recruiting, don’t over-think it, just do it! Every business has different goals and objectives for recruiting, but sometimes the best strategy is to take a leap of faith and figure out how to best utilize the tools as you go.

Embrace social recruiting and jump in with both feet. Good luck!



He’s been ranked one of America’s “most social Mayors” for years – tweeting from his Blackberry and engaging in conversations with his constituents morning, noon and night. Today, Newark Mayor Cory A. Booker’s status as a forward looking, technology driven leader solidified even more as he announced the Newark Jobs Connect platform.

The platform distributes more than 35,000 available jobs across the digital landscape and matches job seekers with employers through social media, email and mobile technologies to addresses the long term unemployment issue in Newark. In addition to the technological advantages, seekers have access to a variety of career resources to help them throughout the searching, networking, and interview process.

According to Mayor Booker, “Residents of Newark will directly benefit by hearing about available jobs before anyone else and Newark employers will be able to reach qualified, local candidates fast and first.”

This initiative firmly places the Mayor and the City of Newark boldly out front in their commitment to create job opportunities for their citizens using the best tools in the marketplace. We’re thrilled to launch with Mayor Booker and power the Newark Jobs Connect platform.


It’s no secret that businesses understand the impact that social media can have on brand awareness, recruiting, and the all-important bottom line. The sheer size of these networks is staggering, and it allows businesses to put their companies in front of an enormous amount of people. As of yesterday, Twitter reached 500 million users a little over a month after Facebook announced they expect to have 1 billion users in August—which means roughly 1 out of 7 people on earth will have a Facebook page. There is no doubt that social media is here for the long haul.

From Confusion Hill %284737095969%29 Moving from “What” to “How” in Social Recruiting

Social recruiting is real, but what about the execution?

However, there is a difference between casually spouting off the tremendous growth in social media and knowing how to capitalize on this phenomenon to bring the best talent to your organization. The blog on Social Talent raised an interesting point on social recruiting this week, stating “No longer is the question ‘What should I do?’ It seems we have moved on to the often more important question of ‘How can I implement this?’”

Establishing a social media presence for your company is more than simply creating a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn company profile. You need to constantly monitor your social presence because increasing exposure to your brand can be a double-edged sword. Social recruiting is relatively new— there’s not a plethora of books, lectures, or case studies to fall back on when you have a question, which can be frustrating. At TweetMyJobs, we understand that embarking on a new way of recruiting can be a daunting task to undertake, and we’ve built our business around trying to make social recruiting easy to use for all businesses, not just the ones that grab the headlines.

To help you take that initial plunge, we’re offering up a few kernels of advice to help your business execute a social recruiting strategy.

  1. Determine your objective. Social recruiting has a variety of benefits, and it’s important to have a clear definition of what you hope to gain from launching a social recruiting initiative. Are you only filling one position? An entire department? Or do you work for a company that always has open positions available? There’s no “one-size fits all” approach, and determining what your company’s needs are will help determine the types of tools that are required
  2. Create the strategy. After determining your organization’s needs, develop a plan and understand the tools you need to accomplish your goals. There are services that can help you, whether you’re filling one position, or if you need the total package to help you manage recruiting efforts for a Fortune 500 company.
  3. Execute. Once clear objectives are reached and a strategy is formulated, the execution phase does not seem as daunting. By finishing the first two steps, the prospective has shifted from “How do I do this?” to “Here’s what needs to be done.”

The fact is, we’re just defining what social recruiting is and isn’t and getting closer and closer to that blueprint for success. We’ve already determined that social recruiting is real and now it’s time to figure out the ways that your business can tap the huge social media pool. Despite the initial challenges, it’s essential to include social recruiting when thinking about how to fill your open positions. As Winston Churchill once said, “I never worry about action, but only inaction.” If you don’t take advantage of social recruiting, and act, your competitors may leave you behind.


The Tipping Point

by Coleman on February 16, 2012

Three years ago this week we launched TweetMyJobs with a very clear objective:  leverage social media to revolutionize online recruiting and help job seekers better connect with employers.  Facebook and Twitter were only a few years old but their power in changing the way companies could do business was obvious.

tipping point The Tipping Point

We've reached the tipping point of growth.

Online recruiting hadn’t changed at all since the emergence of the Internet and it was clear to us that the distribution model was broken.  With thousands of job boards, employers could not distribute their open positions to job seekers who didn’t know where to find them.  With TweetMyJobs, we set out to disrupt this by pushing jobs to seekers wherever they wanted them, whenever they wanted them.

The social graph also meant that we could do much better than send seekers “relevant” job matches – that was the old way.  We could send them “great” job matches by letting them know if any of their social connections / friends could introduce them to a hiring company.  After all, you are 20x more likely to get a job when you are introduced to a company than when you randomly apply via a job site.

Today, on every measure of growth it’s clear our network is reaching the tipping point.  Social recruiting is real and we are disrupting the old model.  To celebrate our third birthday, we’re making public our network numbers as of February 2012:

  • 3.3 million monthly visitors
  • 300 thousand job listings
  • 25 thousand employers

In just 3 short years, 49 of the Fortune 100 have used our services to find job seekers.  We are working with the White House to help Veterans and Youth find jobs and we are powering the job platform of the City of Atlanta.  We’ve reached the tipping point and there’s a lot more growing to come.