TweetMyJobs Social Recruiting Solution

Change The Way Your Enterprise Recruits

More Qualified Candidates. Faster. Easier.

TweetMyJobs is the social recruiting platform of choice for companies of all sizes. With just the push of a button, TweetMyJobs will distribute your jobs through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, mobile and across the web, effectively targeting and sending you quality job seekers fast.

80% of companies are already using social media to hire and with TweetMyJobs it’s now easy. We do all the work for you so you can succeed at social recruiting.

Regular job boards rely on seekers coming to them. TweetMyJobs is different – we find candidates and send them directly to you.

With TweetMyJobs for Enterprise you get all the benefits of job distribution plus brand enhancement, advanced analytics, ATS integration and dedicated service.

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Job Distribution

TweetMyJobs’ powerful service instantly distributes your jobs to every corner of the digital landscape – social media, job sites, email and mobile - so you don’t miss out on finding great candidates:


Distribute jobs across more than 10,000 job channels on Twitter so that job seekers can instantly be notified or search for new opportunities that match what they are looking for.


Facebook is one of the best platforms to engage with potential job candidates. With TMJ for Pages, your business can use Facebook to post jobs, enable referrals and improve your employment brand.

Job Aggregators

We make sure your jobs are included in the leading job search aggregator sites so you don’t need to worry about managing multiple accounts.

Part-time, student and entry-level jobs are distributed through the world’s largest internship marketplace,, which reaches students in every city and state in the United States.

Job Alert Emails

Your jobs are targeted to active and passive seekers that have requested to receive notifications by email of opportunities that match their career objectives.


Job seekers have instant access to your jobs on their mobile phones through our leading smart phone applications, SMS text messages and Twitter.


Our reporting tools enable you to get insights that you can act on to optimize the number, type and quality of candidates applying to your jobs.


A personal dashboard at TweetMyJobs provides you with an at-a-glance view of how your jobs are performing in real time. Dive deeper to see the distribution sources that are sending you applications on a job-by-job basis.

Advanced Analytics

Our advanced metrics that are customized to your needs and prepared individually for each customer, help you track your ROI and achieve your hiring objectives.

Social Recruiting Optimization

By harnessing the power of social networks, companies can now source job seekers, be pushed referrals and recruit in a fast, highly targeted and low cost way. TweetMyJobs optimizes social recruiting through:


Branded Twitter Channels

We create job channels by type and location on Twitter, under your brand name and logo, and automatically distribute your jobs through them. This enables you to create your own talent community of followers on Twitter.

Facebook Fan Page

Add a branded careers section to your Facebook fan page where job seekers can search, share and recommend jobs on their Facebook walls.

LinkedIn Recruiter Profile

Automatically populate your recruiters’ LinkedIn profiles with the open positions they are looking to hire, and leverage the power of this important network.

The Who? button

Add the Who? button widget to your website so that visitors can instantly see if they have any inside connections at your company and enable them to directly request an introduction.

Job Map

Jobs are tagged with location data and populated on a privately branded map that provides an interactive tool for seekers to search for your jobs visually.


TweetMyJobs for Enterprise utilizes a powerful Social Network Interface (SNI) engine that integrates with every major Applicant Tracking System (ATS). The SNI automates the distribution of jobs directly from the ATS to job seekers on social media, job sites, email and mobile.


Supporting our customers and helping you maximize your ROI is an integral part of our service. That’s why customers of TweetMyJobs enterprise have a dedicated account manager from day one that will help you successfully implement the service and drive the recruiting results you require.