Informatics - Software developer Job Listing at Rhombus in Chaseburg, WI (Job ID 1207312)


Location: Chaseburg, WI
Application deadline: None
Type: Internship
Career Level: Internship
Salary Range: Not specified
Number of Jobs: 1
Relocation Available: No
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* Developing of a resource management software (client/server),
* Develope of an automated build system,

Briefly Description:

The purpose of this task is twofold: first, a fully automated build system has to be organised such that the ISO for the cd together with the whole installation system will be produced from the source code in one step; second, the client side software should be adopted from a lightweight open source browser in order to include a custom menu for the server software. The tasks are explained in detail in the following:

1. Automated Build System

a) Server side
The server side software is written in ruby on rails and will be using some other
ruby/rails libraries. The automated build system should take the source code of the
application, the programming language, and the libraries used and create the executables
as well as an installation program. Finally, an ISO should be created ready for writing in
a cd. The build system should be fully automated, i.e. in one-step with no user
interaction. For the automated build system open source tools should be used, or at least
freely downloadable tools.

b) Client side
The same as above but for the client side software and its dependencies. In the end two
ISO should be produced from the source code.

2. Development of client side software.

The client side software should be a rewrite of an existing open source browser or
alternatively developed in python using webkit and GTK (some work has been done in the
last direction).

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